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Refresher class:
(Per couple cost – Private $300, 3-6 hours or $90/hr, group weekend/series $150)


This class is intended for those that are already parents, but feel they need to brush up on a few things before their new baby arrives. The class can be a private class or a portion of the group series or weekend classes. The content is focused on just pregnancy and the birth unless otherwise requested. Some reasons you may be interested in this class:

• It has been longer than 2 years since your last child was born.
• You did not have a positive experience with your first birth and are interested in making this experience different.
• You had a C-section for your first and are planning a VBAC (vaginal birth after caesarean) for this birth and are interested in learning more

about comfort measures and labour support.

To register for this class click here or for more information feel free to contact us by email info@samarabirth.com or

by phone 778-987-2432.