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Private prenatal classes:

($400 – 1 day or $500 – 2 day)

This class is held within the comfort of your home with your partner and/or your chosen support person(s). Classes are up to 6 hours depending on your specific learning needs. Reasons you may want to choose this class include:

• Concentrated one-on-one education for those that are seeking individual attention and instruction.
• Surround yourself with your chosen support network (partner, family, friend, doula, etc.).
• Classes are booked around your schedule.
• Great option for those that have a complicated pregnancy and or birth ahead of them or for those on bed rest. This private class will allow you to

ask questions and practice labour support specific to your unique circumstances (planned vaginal birth or caesarean, un-medicated, or medicated, etc.) in a confidential, safe environment.

• Classes may range from 6-9 hours depending on your specific learning needs.

To register for this class click here or for more information feel free to contact us by email info@samarabirth.com or

by phone 778-987-2432.