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What's in a class?


• Is this normal? (Third trimester changes)

• Is that really what is going on inside me? (Anatomy)



• What’s that called again? (Labour terminology)

• Are you sure labour is the only natural way? (Normal process of labour)

• Is my baby safe? (Warning signs and when to seek help)

• Am I in labour? (True vs. false labour)

• When do I go to the hospital?

• They asked me how often my contractions were… (Timing contractions)

• There are stages of labour? (Early, Active, Transition)

• What do you mean there are different types of labour? (Labour variations)

• You want to do what to me? (Interventions and informed decision making)


Coping strategies for labour:

• Relax during labour? Really? (Relaxation techniques)

• How can breathing help? (Breathing awareness)

• I heard massage is helpful… (Massage techniques)

• I don’t have to lie on my back? (Labour positions and movement)

• Tell me about the drugs… (Medications)



• Woo hoo my baby is here! (Pushing the baby out and Delivery)

• Alternate routes… (Forceps, vacuum, C-section)



• My baby can do all that?! (behaviour and abilities of your newborn)

• Is this supposed to look like that? (Newborn appearances)


Newborn Care:

• My baby has to have tests and medications too? (Newborn screening, erythromycin, vitamin K)

• What gear do I really need? (Essential baby equipment and needs)

• Is that safe? (Safety for your newborn)

• They go through how many diapers? (Diapering)

• Splish splash I was takin' a bath… (Bathing)

• How do I know what my baby wants? (Soothing and comforting your baby)

• They cry how much? (Normal newborn Crying)

• What do I do with that thing in their belly button? (Umbilical cord care)



• Is this normal? (Physical changes and recovery after the birth)

• Will I ever know my body again? (Loving your mommy body)

• Why am I crying? (Postpartum blues vs. postpartum depression)

• Will I ever have time for me again? (Time management)

• Realistic expectations of oneself as a new parent

• Where can I get help? (Community resources)



• I know, I know; it’s good for the baby… (Benefits of breastfeeding)

• Just give me the basics… (Positioning, latch, how to know babe is getting enough, etc…)

• How can I get off to a good start? (Tips for ensuring a good start with breastfeeding)

• Its natural, how hard could it be? (Challenges and rewards)

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Please note if you are having a Private class this topics list provides the frame work for your class, you may choose to delete or add topics that best suit your learning needs. Once you have registered, one of our Educators will contact you to discuss your specific needs which will help us create a class tailored to you.