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Private group classes:
(Cost per couple: $300 – 2 day, 6 hours each, **minimum of 3 couples required** )

This class combines the comfort of your own home with group learning. The participants may be close friends or acquaintances that are also expecting. This class is up to 12 hours depending on the group dynamic and learning needs. A reunion class may also be included, at no additional cost, if the participants are interested. Reasons you may choose this class include:

• Group questioning and discussion often gives way to enhanced learning by bringing forward ideas that individuals may not have thought of

on their own.

• Group learning allows for the use of more interactive teaching techniques.
• The safe and comfortable environment enables you to be honest, ask personal questions, and practice labour support.
• New parenting brings many challenges and happiness, having a support network of people who are going through the same experiences as you

may be invaluable. Group classes are a great way to connect with other couples in the same life stage as you. If these are existing friends/acquaintances connections made during class may strengthen or ignite lasting friendships for years to come.

To register for this class click here or for more information feel free to contact us by email samarabirth@gmail.com or

by phone 778-987-2432.