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Where did the name Samara come from?

I have always loved the image of a tree as a symbol of family. My belief is that when you start a family you are laying down your roots and a foundation that will grow into something beautiful, connected, unique and sacred. The symbolism of an elm tree seemed to capture this concept completely.

The meaning of an Elm tree includes strength of will and intuition (just like the pregnant woman – she is strong and intuition will guide her through her pregnancy and birth); elm trees come in a wide variety of forms (just like families do, as well as each baby is unique and individual); the wood of an elm tree is known for its interlocking grain, and consequent resistance to splitting and decay (just like the intense and intertwined relationship between a mother and her child, as well as the bond within and between families).

The elm tree became a strong symbol for how I wanted my company to be represented. This lead to the name Samara; a samara is the fruit of an elm tree (just like babies are the fruit of their mothers). Samara, as a name, has its roots in Hebrew and means “protected by God”. And thus the birth of a company name.

To me Samara symbolizes new life created from strength and beauty and a power that is bigger than me. It is my hope that Samara Birth Services will help you see your strength of will and intuition along this new and winding path of your life. Congratulations on your pregnancy, we look forward to being a part of this amazing, life changing experience with you.

Amanda Kelloway
- Owner, Educator